Mushroomhead & (Hed)p.e. Join Forces With American Head Charge, Corvus, & Tenafly Viper  For “Hed 2 Head” Tour

(Hed)pe and Mushroomhead have announced they will join forces with American Head Charge, Corvus, and Tenafly Viper for the “Hed2Head” co-headlining tour. The tour will kick off April 19th in Bloomington, IL and run for six week across the entire U.S.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets all the credit. The strength of this wolf is in the pack,” commented Mushroomhead. “We’ve toured with (Hed)p.e. a couple times and each time the shows get bigger and better. Both bands put on an explosive live show and we’re constantly pushing each other to make the show even more insane to make it the best possible ticket for the fans hard earned money.”

“We’re stoked to be hitting the road with Mushroomhead and (Hed)p.e. on this tour,” added American Head Charge bassist Chad Hanks. “We’ve been away for a while and this tour is the perfect way for us to get back in front of many of our hardcore fans and it gives us a chance to make new fans along the way.”


Mushroomhead are touring in support of their brand new seventh studio album “Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children”.  As one of the leaders of the alterna-metal movement, the band’s extreme performance style has garnered them an enormously devoted cult following and its cornucopian sound — a forceful yet melodic, underground yet accessible merging of hard rock, heavy metal, hardcore punk, industrial and soundtrack-worthy ambience – has seen it move upwards of one million albums worldwide. Mushroomhead’s latest ultra-violent video and single “Come On” can be viewed at http://www.mtv.com/videos/mushroomhead/577957/come-on.jhtml