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The highly anticipated album #9 is now in the works!!! More TBA soon…

18 thoughts on “In the Studio Now Recording Album #9

  1. Awesome. Righteous and the Butterfly was Amazing. Will be really cool to see what new material brings. ..!

  2. I luv that JMann is back in full effect, but please bring back Waylon dudes. He kills and you guys know it and there is a lot of material now you guys won’t probably play live that he is on vocals mostly for. Either way though I’ll be pumped for new album, but man The Righteous and the Butterfly will be hard to top. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🎸

  3. mushroomhead is the soundtrack to my life! thank you so much for being! keep pushing the envelope guys!

  4. At 41 years old, and listening to metal my whole life, I cannot understand how a band this great isn’t getting the recognition it highly deserves. They are, IMO, the best band I’ve ever listened to.Maybe they need a better marketing manager or something. However, I do wish they would come closer to the Baltimore area. Had to drive to PA a couple times to see them live.

  5. Thank god #9 is on tha way! Getting stoked! I eat live and breath mrh! I agree dub in his comment as well waylon deserved to be leading up front next to Jeff. jmann is great not dissin him in anyway but he left, bailed, walked away how ever u want to look at it. Waylon stepped in brought the mortal fucking house down and put mrh higher than ever b4 so don’t forget it with out him this could only be album #7? Regardless doesn’t matter mrh will never die as long as Jeff has a say so! Make 40 more!!!!

  6. Every Album you make is a masterpiece for me . your sound are so original , the electronics and effects , the riffs from the guitar and bass are heavy , the drums sound so clear , the voices of the singers are unique , everything is perfect , i hope you can make more albums before mushroomhead ends.
    of course all of you gonna live forever in my consciouness and every mind you take.

    Good Luck Stay Awsome.

    Sorry for the bad english is not my language.

  7. Thank you so much for all you guys do. The new album will be great just as all the others. Can not wait to see you back in Colorado Springs. I originally am from Cleveland and this is the only thing I still have from back home. Look forward to new album and HOF in 2020

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